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Power Talk Friday – Tabitha Carro: How To Create Creative Content Using Your Smart Phone

Episode 235 of A Well-Designed Business®
235: Power Talk Friday – Tabitha Carro: How To Create Creative Content Using Your Smart Phone

Welcome to today’s episode of Power talk Friday! Tabitha Carro is the guest for today and she is the leader of Smart Phone Marketing School. LuAnn really struggles with so much of what it takes to be productive, in using a smartphone and she says she has ninety thumbs, so she’s very excited about having Tabitha on this show today, to help her to figure some of this out. Listen in as Tabitha explains what to do, and apps that you can use, to add that extra little ‘something’ to your marketing, using your smartphone.

Tabitha’s background is as a Certified Elementary School Teacher. She was also the owner of a Curriculum Design Business, from which she developed another business when she realized that she really needed to be able to do things quickly and easily, from her iPhone. She took the bull by the horns and taught herself all the necessary design techniques with the iPhone and so developed her new business, called Smart Phone Marketing School. Now, she has tons of content, videos and tutorials, to teach the people in her Facebook and Membership communities how and what apps to use, on their iPhone, to make their social media marketing way, way easier. She teaches where things are in an app and how to tap into them and get what you want. Listen in now, as Tabitha sheds some light on how to use your smartphone to market your self really easily, even when you’re on the fly!

Show highlights:

  • Tabitha explains all about the super cute and direct labeling app called This by Tin Rocket, which could be really useful in the Design Industry.
  • Which apps Tabitha uses, on her iPhone as well as on her desktop.
  • The best ways to utilize the Legend App, to announce across social media, that you’re about to go live.
  • Why what Tabitha teaches is great for everybody, even those that aren’t so ‘techy’.
  • Why Tabitha really thinks you should care about Instagram stories.
  • Facebook Live or Instagram Stories? When to use each one.
  • How you can increase your engagement on Facebook Live with Instagram Stories.
  • Apps that can really enhance your Instagram Stories.
  • A way to put something on Instagram Stories, without showing yourself.
  • If you have 10 000 or more followers, you can link that up with Instagram Stories.
  • Some tips and great apps for using an iPhone with Pinterest. Tabitha has a blog post about this.
  • Why Tabitha actually prefers using a phone screen, when working with Pinterest.
  • Tabitha has a Facebook Live session to teach you how to use Adobe Spark on your phone.
  • All the fabulous free content that Tabitha has made available for you.
  • Tabitha’s not all about selling, however, she is opening up a paid membership program.


For Tabitha’s free courses, go to courses.tabithacarro.com

What Level is Your Design Business?