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Live Coaching Course with LuAnn: Money, Mindset & Sales

Episode 225 of A Well-Designed Business®
225: Live Coaching Course with LuAnn: Money, Mindset & Sales

You’re probably wondering what LuAnn’s doing here on a Thursday, right? Well, this is a news flash that needed it’s own show and its own announcement,  so here it is: LuAnn, together with Nancy Ganzekaufer, the first person on the show to introduce the concept of niching in Interior Design (episode #9), is launching a ten week, Live Coaching Session and it’s called Money, Mindset And  Sales. LuAnn really wants to make sure that you’ve heard about it and that you have the chance to be in on this program, so listen in now- it’s going to be killer!

Nancy and LuAnn hatched this idea about a week and a half ago after they had a conversation about how they both love talking to people and teaching them about sales and they’ve been discussing this idea, almost constantly, since then. They also really love to see the breakthrough when someone has a shift in mindset about something, so they made a snap decision to do a Coaching Session together. No grass grows under their feet, so listen in to find out how to really kick it out and bring it home in this year of 2017.

Show highlights:

  • Nancy was back on the show for episode #159 and there she gave a list of what you need to do, to get really confident and clear on what you offer to your Interior design clients.
  • LuAnn explains how the program, which is starting on the 13th of September, is going to work.
  • Every session will be recorded and made available to you in your inbox, on that day, in case the time zone doesn’t work for you.
  • You will also have access to LuAnn and Nancy through a Facebook Group, for your questions.
  • There will be a limited number of people accepted for this program.
  • The two free coaching sessions that you will get with this program.
  • Together, LuAnn and Nancy have fifty years of experience in high ticket sales.
  • LuAnn explains what her goals are, for this program.
  • LuAnn discusses two more goodies that you will get, with this program.
  • LuAnn talks about her book, The Making Of A Well Designed Business.
  • LuAnn discusses Nancy’s fifteen module course, called Nail Your Sales Training.
  • LuAnn gives you the cost of their Money, Mindset, And Sales coaching session.
  • Go to windowworks-nj.com/breakthrough for all the information and to see a video of LuAnn and Nancy describing the course.
  • This course can really help you to kill it in the last quarter of 2017!



What Level is Your Design Business?