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Allison Fannin – Pinterest Tips for your Interior Design Firm

Episode 223 of A Well-Designed Business®
223: Allison Fannin – Pinterest Tips for your Interior Design Firm

The guest on today’s show is Allison Fannin, the Texan Principal of Two Thirty-Five Designs. LuAnn invited her on the show for a very specific reason- and then, while researching her, she discovered that Allison actually had twenty-seven thousand followers on Pinterest! Allison graciously agreed to make the focus of today’s discussion about the figuring out of the whole Pinterest thing. So, listen in, as LuAnn and Allison pick this topic apart.

In episode #209, LuAnn interviewed Leslie Carothers and Sam Henderson, of the Savour Partnership. During that interview, Leslie pointed out that if you’re not using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you’re actually missing the boat. LuAnn didn’t even know how to do that, so she took some steps to find out. Then, shortly afterward, she received a message from Darla Powell, asking if she was going to get a Pinterest expert on the show. LuAnn decided that if she and Darla were both wanting to find out about it, most likely you were too.  So listen in now, to find out more about how to use Pinterest and also Instagram and Facebook, to drive traffic to your website.

Show highlights:

  • LuAnn explains how she and Allison came to be connected, through a crazy picture and caption on Magazine Living, on Instagram.
  • Allison’s huge number of followers on Pinterest and Instagram, where she herself, only follows a fraction of that number of people.
  • Allison talks about how Pinterest, which has really become a massive search engine, has evolved, over the years.
  • Allison explains how Pinterest works and how you can use it best, to get more traffic.
  • Group Boards on Pinterest.
  • Allison explains why she has so many more followers on Pinterest than the number of people that she follows, herself.
  • The amount of time that Allison actually spends on Pinterest.
  • Allison explains how Pinterest works, as a technical driver of traffic to your website.
  • Using Rich Pins and Keywords for SEO, when using Pinterest.
  • Why it’s a good idea to have a Business Account on Pinterest.
  • How Rich Pins work in conjunction with your website.
  • Why you should put your blog name in the title of your pictures.
  • Pinterest has become a lot like Instagram- it’s really about the pretty stuff.
  • The method of using re-pins effectively, for a constant flow, on Pinterest.
  • Titling your pictures properly on Pinterest, for optimum SEO.
  • You can follow selectively, on Pinterest.
  • Using basic words to name your Boards on Pinterest.
  • There are several services that you can use, (like Boardbooster) to schedule out your pins on Pinterest.
  • You can go back to old posts and edit them- don’t forget to re-pin when you do!
  • Coming up with the right titles for Pinterest posts.
  • Using subtitles on Pinterest.
  • How Allison’s following on Pinterest and Instagram has translated into money for her.


Allison’s website: http://www.twothirtyfivedesigns.com

Allison on Facebook and Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/magazineliving/

What Level is Your Design Business?