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Power Talk Friday: Kathy Knowles – How to Interview & Hire for your Interior Design Firm

Episode 204 of A Well-Designed Business®
204: Power Talk Friday: Kathy Knowles – How to Interview & Hire for your Interior Design Firm

The guest for today’s Power Talk Friday is Kathy Knowles, a former HR Director who has become an entrepreneur!

Her company is called Intuitive Strategies and Consultants and Kathy has become known as The Soulful Business Mentor. She really understands the challenges one faces, when leaving behind a successful, yet unfulfilling six figure career, to build a more satisfying business and life. Kathy has more than twenty years of experience of maximizing people and potential, as an HR Director, which has given her a real advantage in helping you to create your own Heart and Soul Business.

She and her team share proven strategies and formulas, to help you to establish a growth strategy that makes you more money and frees up more of your time. Magic words, right? Kathy’s mission is to help more business owners and entrepreneurs to create a life of a business that they love, without sacrificing integrity, income, or sanity! There are really so many things that Kathy, as a talented Business Coach, could have discussed today, however, LuAnn decided to zero in on ‘Help Business Owners Hire Right The First Time’. Even though LuAnn has owned a business for more than thirty years, she’s really looking forward to this discussion, because for her, hiring really is one of the most troublesome parts of being in business. So, listen in, to get some great insights from Kathy’s more than twenty years of experience.

This is going to be a really jam-packed episode, as Kathy has a ton of information for you. She has prepared a list of questions that are very helpful in assisting you to make the right hire. Several of the questions will be discussed in the interview today, however, her list is really much more in-depth, so if you are about to hire, or if you struggle with how to do that, you will enjoy this interview. Listen in now, to find out more.

Show highlights:

  • Kathy explains that the process of hiring starts with you and being crystal clear about where you want to go with your business.
  • Hiring around the things that you’re not good at.
  • Getting intuitively in touch with your business, in order to really grow your email list and to know which team member to hire.
  • Knowing how to choose the right person, when hiring someone for the very first time- using the List Of Four and then breaking it down a little further.
  • How to know when it’s time to hire someone.
  • Asking the right questions when interviewing a potential employee.
    Talking about money during an interview.
  • Understanding that the way that someone interacts with you during an interview will be the way that they will interact with your clients, should you hire them.
  • The importance of asking specific questions during an interview, even if you really hit it off with them.
  • Why you really shouldn’t talk too much, when interviewing someone.
    The kinds of questions that are more likely to elicit a true response from an interviewee.
  • The importance of employees being accountable.
    Some suggestions for great questions to ask a potential employee, during an interview.
  • Creating interview questions around a personality profile- like Disc or Kolbe.


Kathy’s website: http://www.kathyknowles.com – This is where you will find her free Gaining More Loyal Customers resource.

For Kathy’s free Find and Fill resource, go to: http://www.kathyknowles.com find-and-fill

Kathy’s email: kathy@kathyknowles.com

What Level is Your Design Business?