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Paul Thomas & Daniel Beauchemin -How Artists and Custom Framers Benefit Your Interior Design Firm

Episode 191 of A Well-Designed Business®

Are you a little intimidated at the thought of incorporating art into your design projects? Well, today’s show could really help you to move beyond that, as the discussion centers on the value of a trusted vendor- in this case, an expert Framer, someone who can really help you to attain success in this area.  LuAnn points out that the expert Framer is yet another colleague for you to rely on and so she couldn’t think of a better way to have this conversation, than to have an artist on the show, alongside his favorite Framer. Listen in today, as LuAnn talks to Paul Thomas, a renowned artist and Daniel Beauchemin,  an accomplished Interior Designer and the owner of the famous Chelsea Frames, in New York City, about the importance of quality professional framing and how that can really enhance a beautiful piece of art.

Paul Thomas has been described as an artist of intuition. His paintings are composed through a natural pattern of creation, rather than a formal analysis. Paul’s work is a true reflection of his personality- bright, cheerful, full of vitality and movement and filled with an inner radiance. Much of the translucence of the color tends to be lost when viewing Paul’s work online or in a catalog, so it would really be well worth seeing it in person. His work is in both public and private collections in the US, Canada, France, Italy and South America. Some of the highlight collections include the US Consulate in Florence, Italy, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bologna, The Louis Azzaro Collection, The NYU Langone Medical Centre, Montefiore Medical Centre, Boston Scientific World Headquarters, Holiday House 2013, 2014 and 2015 and Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2015. In 2016, Paul won “Best In Show” at the Architectural Digest Design Show, where he collaborated with Charles Pavarini (Episode #16). Paul has also worked in collaboration with numerous other well known Interior Designers. In 2017, Paul’s work became the exclusive art for Haru Restaurants in New York City.

Daniel Beauchemin grew up in a house where the design was part of daily life. It was a multi-cultural environment where he was exposed to the Canadian-American and European culture at home and his parent’s friends spanned the whole world, so he developed an eclectic taste for beautifully designed things from a very early age. Daniel studied Architecture, with a focus on Furniture design, as well as Art History and Interiors. He came to New York in the early 1990’s and worked with some notable New York City Interior Design Firms and he also opened his own firm in 1996, which he ran until 2009. He purchased Chelsea Frames in 1995 and it became the focus of his work. By 2009, it had become one of the most renowned framing studios in the USA, with customers all over the world. He left for a while and worked and designed for Larson-Juhl, but after seven years, he rejoined his partner, Jaclyn Acker, full time in Chelsea Frames, where he still works with Collectors, Designers, and clients on a daily basis. Listen in now and learn from a unique perspective, how you can incorporate fine art into your Design Projects with confidence!

Today, LuAnn, Paul, and Daniel discuss:

  • Daniel’s perspective on the relationship between an Artist and a Framer and what he brings to the table when he works with an artist like Paul.
  • How Daniel was recently approached by Larson-Juhl to do their booth presentation at the Art Expo New York 2017.
  • How Daniel approached the Larson-Juhl booth at the Art Expo New York and framed Paul’s pieces in three different ways so that he could effectively display both Larson Jewel’s products and Paul’s work.
  • Paul’s thought that the artist’s work is elevated by what the Framer does with it.
  • How Daniel guides designers to learn to develop an eye to select a really good frame.
  • That it’s really Daniel’s job to listen.
  • The three very different collection styles that Daniel used with the Larson-Juhl booth presentation.
  • The effect that Daniel’s work- the art of framing– has on Paul and his work.
  • The real benefit of Artists, Framers, and Designers working collaboratively.
  • How Daniel actually ‘finished’ one of Paul’s pieces.
  • Some tips for Designers to work better with Framers.
  • That Daniel works regularly with Designers all over the world, so you can feel free to reach out to him.
  • Paul’s suggestion for making the best decision when choosing a frame.
  • That there are some Designers who actually create the room around the art because it’s such an important feature.


Daniel’s email: daniel@chelseaframes.com

What Level is Your Design Business?