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Angela Rasmussen- Principal of H2H Design+Build: How Vision and Intention Built an Award Winning Firm

Episode 181 of A Well-Designed Business®
181: Angela Rasmussen- Principal of H2H Design+Build: How Vision and Intention Built an Award Winning Firm

Get ready for today’s show!

Angela Rasmussen of H2H Design+Build, in San Jose, California. Angela is the definition of a go-getter and she’s a firecracker, so LuAnn says that you may want to strap on your seat belt for this interview! Listen in and prepare yourself to be blown away!

H2H Design plus Build is a really fun and dynamic firm, which was started in 2009 by Matt and Angela Rassmussen, specializing in convenient all in one service, from kitchen and bathroom, to master suites and additions. Today, H2H has become known, both locally and nationally, as an award winning Design Plus Build firm. Some of their awards include those from prestigious associations like NARI, NKBA, and HGTD, to name just a few. At H2H Design Plus Build, the focus is on a no-nonsense approach to bringing the best Design Solutions and Remodelling Services. Their service is turnkey and they are set apart from general contractors and other design plus build firms because they take care of every aspect of your renovation. Listen in now, to find out more about the firm that Matt and Angela started, with the intention to change the game in the Construction Industry.

Today, Angela talks to LuAnn about:

  • How she and Matt decided to start their business.
  • Her success while at Design school, being an A+ student and getting onto Dean’s List.
  • How She and Matt just clicked when they met, both emotionally and business-wise.
  • Their roles in the business when they first started out.
  • How they started out slowly and built up, one job on top of the next.
  • There really noteworthy early projects.
  • How she implemented what she learned at school immediately, in the business.
  • The growth and management of their team, over the years.
  • The challenge of leading a team really well.
  • Organization- her priority.
  • What her ideal project looks like, from start to finish.
  • The evolution of their company from kitchens and bathrooms to bigger projects.
  • That they handle every aspect of the renovation, down to the appliances and finishes.
  • Why their demographic market is more geared to renovation than building.
  • The fun new cutting edge Home Automation Technology.
  • The benefits of hiring professionals.
  • Buildertrend- Their really good Track Your Project
  • Their new design studio, opening in the next couple of months.

Their other goals for the future.

Angela’s website:

What Level is Your Design Business?