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Mabley Handler Interior Design Launches New Furniture Line with Kravet Inc

Episode 173 of A Well-Designed Business®

If you’d like to know what it’s like to be a successful Interior Designer in The Hampton’s, you’re going to enjoy today’s show with LuAnn’s guest, Austin Handler. Austin and his wife, Jennifer Mabely, are the principals of Mabely Handler Interior Design in The Hampton’s. Listen in today, to find out about this leading design firm that has been featured many many times, in both magazines and on TV.


LuAnn does a lot of work herself, in The Hampton’s. She says that it’s like it’s own little planet. On today’s show, you will hear about Austin and Jennifer’s fabulous projects there and the great success of  their Interior Design Business, which they started in The Hampton’s in 2002 and also about their work which has been featured in numerous publications, including Hampton’s Cottages and Gardens, Hampton’s Magazine, Beach Magazine, Coastal Living,  Lux Interiors and Design, Ocean Home, Traditional Home, The New York times, The Daily News and the New York Post, along with News Day and NBC’s LX TV, Open House, New York City, News 12 and The Discovery Channel.


Kravet Inc. recently launched their brand new line of furniture, which has been designed by Mabely Handler Interior Design. Listen in today, as Austin shares the back story on the creation and the execution of this truly gorgeous new line of furniture.


Today, Austin talks to LuAnn about:


  • What it’s like, working as a designer in The Hampton’s, where the design has its own feel and vibe.
  • Finding the balance in design, between luxurious living and durability.
  • What it was like, breaking into Interior Design in The Hampton’s and breaking the stereotype of ‘taking your designer with you’.
  • When their room, which wasn’t a feature room, in their first show house for Hampton’s Cottages and Gardens Magazine was featured in The New York Times.
  • How they came to develop The Hampton Aesthetic, their line of furniture with Kravet Inc.
  • The kind of furniture in The Hampton Aesthetic line.
  • Austin and Jennifer’s initial meeting with Kravet Inc. about the furniture design and how they managed to convey their concepts and their vision, with clarity.
  • The very well known Hampton’s design style.
  • How they set the scene, to create the right atmosphere, to sell The Hampton’s Aesthetic furniture line to Cravet Inc.
  • How they set a trend for creating coastal design collections.
  • How they used certain fabrics and materials to give The Hampton Aesthetic maximum versatility.
  • Why Kravet was always first on the list to make Jennifer’s furniture.
  • The incredible support that they got from the expert team at Kravet Inc., every step of the way.
  • The pieces that they designed that didn’t make the collection.
  • The great value Austin and Jennifer found in the sharing of expertise with Kravet Inc.

The great pleasure that it’s been for Austin and Jennifer to work with Kravet.

Austin’s websites: http://www.mableyhandler.com http://www.kravet.com/products/collections/ http://www.curatedkravet.com

What Level is Your Design Business?