What Level is Your Design Business?

Kelsey Grose – Winner of Best New Design Blog at Design Bloggers Conference 2017

Episode 167 of A Well-Designed Business®
167: Kelsey Grose – Winner of Best New Design Blog at Design Bloggers Conference 2017

Today’s guest is Kelsey Grose!

I sat beside her at the Design Blogger’s Conference and after she won an award, I knew immediately that I had to get her on the show. I’ve been doing a whole series lately with all of the people I met at the Design Blogger’s Conference, so you are going to learn so much from all my guests in this series.

I was even more blown away when I learned that Kelsey has only been in business for a year! That blew me away and I knew I had to work with her. So in addition to having the privilege of interviewing her today, I’m pleased

Kelsey Grose is the owner of Farmer’s Daughter Interior. Kelsey is based in Canada and has quickly found a following all over the US as well. She uses a 6 step design process that combines several different design styles. She has a passion for small business and entrepreneurship and she’s here today to share her wisdom with us.

Listen in as Kelsey and LuAnn discuss:

  • Find out Kelsey’s impression of the Design Blogger’s Conference and see if she had the same experience as LuAnn.
  • In some ways, Kelsey got more than she expected from the conference – find out what exceeded her expectations.
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships – the unexpected benefit of the conference.
  • How a house tour is bringing several bloggers together and allowing them to leverage each other’s audiences through cross promotion.
  • How guest posting on another blog can help promote your own website and business.
  • Ways a new designer just getting their business off the ground can use existing resources online and properly credit the creator, and still build out their own content.
  • How Kelsey is able to look like a seasoned designer with a beautiful blog, but in reality has only been in business a year.
  • The resources that have been useful to Kelsey in getting her business started, plus she’s kind of obsessed with design!
  • The exact steps Kelsey took to get started blogging and building her design business.
  • How Kelsey got a really big kitchen design job as a new designer.
  • A free consultation or a paid consultation? Find out which Kelsey uses.
  • Ways to convert a paid consultation into a paid project.
  • Treat your business like the world is watching you, even if they aren’t yet.


What Level is Your Design Business?