What Level is Your Design Business?

Highlyann Krasnow – Talking About Commercial Design with the Founder of Design High & Partner of MNS Real Estate

Episode 163 of A Well-Designed Business®

My guest for today’s exciting show is Highlyann Krasnow, one of the founders of The Developers Group, now MNS, located in Brooklyn, NY. Not only did she oversee the design of her company’s buildings and sales offices, but then she opened The Design High, the exclusive interior design arm at MNS. Highlyann is involved in commercial interiors and residential projects, but the focus of our conversation today is on the commercial side of her business. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The path from real estate development to The Design High
  • Benefits to “casting a wider net”
  • Interior design concepts for commercial spaces
  • Challenges in designing for the target demographic
  • How to hone your commercial design skills
  • The key: relationships with manufacturers
  • Tips for the designer seeking a career in commercial design
  • How to “let go” of some of your design elements
  • Why you need to be a design chameleon
  • The payoff for a designer
  • The mood board test HIghlyann uses for hiring designers
  • The commitment to eco-friendly designs: Why is it so important?
  • Understanding the “durability” of your design: it’s NOT just for today!
  • Highlyann’s recent and current projects and their specific challenges
  • Carrying the design thread through the project as a whole


http://www.thedesignhigh.com (Highlyann’s website)

Email Highlyann: hsk@mns.com


What Level is Your Design Business?