What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday- Casey DeStefano – Why Video is So Important for Your Firm and How To Do It

Episode 153 of A Well-Designed Business®
153: Power Talk Friday- Casey DeStefano – Why Video is So Important for Your Firm and How To Do It

On this Power Talk Friday I have Casey Destefano with me! A few months back I was on Casey’s podcast. She is the host of the hit podcast “Women with Balls…in the Air”.  She coaches her audience to have more successful careers and abundant family lives without pulling their hair out. If you did hear about our episode on Casey’s podcast that’s terrific! If you didn’t, please go over to iTunes and check out Casey’s podcast especially if you are someone who is trying to run a business and manage your family and children and get it all done. Like Casey says you have balls but they are in the air! But in addition, if you haven’t heard of Casey or her podcast you might not realize that she is an accomplished director and producer with more than twenty years’ experience. Casey could be on the show to talk about any number of things but today she is going to talk her number one skill set. She is a multimedia marketing agency.  What she does for businesses is web design, video production, digital marketing and small business coaching. Casey is especially passionate about helping women and working with them to help them achieve their goals.

Show Notes:

  • Why is it important to include video on your website?
  • How do you figure out what you should include in the video?
  • What is the most important part of the video?
  • What kind of questions should a designer ask to find their “hook”?
  • What is your about me page supposed to be about?
  • Quality is important!
  • What scenarios should you use different qualities?
  • How long should the video be?
  • What are the three steps for prepping?
  • What should a budget be for the video?
  • What advice does Casey have to give about hiring people?
  • Why did Casey start her business?




What Level is Your Design Business?