What Level is Your Design Business?

Gillian C. Rose – Interior Designer and CEO & Founder of The Science of Color

Episode 133 of A Well-Designed Business®
133: Gillian C. Rose – Interior Designer and CEO & Founder of The Science of Color

Today I have Gillian Rose with me!

Gillian Rose is a Canadian transplant whose New York-based interior design and color consultancy firm draws on several years of professional experience in design practice, as well as formal training from the Parcel School of Design. As a color scientist, Gillian works to ensure the positive integration of people and their environments. Her consultation process includes supporting the function of space, avoiding the over and under-stimulating spaces based on personality, and avoiding negative emotional and physiological responses to the built environment. Gillian is an accredited member of the association of Color Associates of North America and she uses the psychological and physiological impact of color on the human experience to bring exceptional creativity and a tailored edge to her design projects.

Show Notes:

  • What are the names that Gillian and fellow color scientists refer to themselves as?
  • How many businesses does Gillian have?
  • How does her business The Science of Color help businesses?
  • What does Gillian mean that color is part of our DNA?
  • In what ways does color affect introverts and extroverts?
  • Does instinct play a role in picking colors?
  • Is it possible for people to be living in the wrong colors?
  • When should you create different spaces when colors are not working all the same?
  • Is there such a thing as a general color reaction?
  • Are there certain colors that appeal to our libido?
  • Are the colors that appeal to women and men different?
  • What is the color assessment test?
  • Where should you look to decide what color to use for a space?
  • Who was Gillian’s mentor?
  • What and where is the association of paint color collection?
  • What are clear colors?





What Level is Your Design Business?