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Barbara Sallick- Practical Advice from Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Design of Waterworks on Designing the Perfect Bath

Episode 131 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome back! On the show today I have Barbara Sallick! She is the Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Design for Waterworks, and Author of ‘The Perfect Bath’. In 1978, Barbara and her husband Robert Sallick founded Waterworks, a luxury kitchen and bath brand in Danbury, Connecticut.

The two are dedicated to bringing the European style to the American bath market. In the years to follow Waterworks has transformed the kitchen and bath market. Barbara has applied her education and lifelong love for art, antiques, travel and the principles for architecture and decoration to educate those around her and to elevate the bath to a room that is as beautiful, personal, inviting as it is practical.

Today on the show Barbara is going to share with us the steps to confidentially design and execute a perfect bath project.

Show Notes:

  • What sort of things does Waterworks help a person do?
  • When should you have experts help you with your bathroom?
  • Who do you need to have on your team when starting on a bathroom project?
  • What is an architecture trim?
  • Why is important to work with the right sales consultant for you?
  • Why should you not be intimidated when walking into Waterworks?
  • When should you bring your client to the showroom?
  • How much homework should you do before you bring a client to the showroom?
  • What sort of lingo should you have when coming to Waterworks?
  • What sort of customer service does Waterworks have?
  • When should you call the client service department when working with Waterworks?
  • When did Barbara and her husband pivot their business, Waterworks?
  • Why was this pivot such an important decision for more success for the business?
  • What is her new book, The Perfect Bath about?




The Perfect Bath

Waterworks: Inventing Bath Style

What Level is Your Design Business?