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Corey Damen Jenkins- Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, & Gentleman

Episode 127 of A Well-Designed Business®
127: Corey Damen Jenkins- Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, & Gentleman

I have another outstanding show for you today!

Corey Damen Jenkins is with me today and he is no exception to the amazing people I have been meeting. What you will learn from Corey Damen is that he is one of the good guys. He is the kind of person that everyone would agree is very open, sincere, humble and giving. What you may or may not know about Corey is that he is the principal of Corey Damen Jenkins Associates which is located in Birmingham, Michigan.

In 2011, television audiences voted him the winning design star of HGTV’s Show House Showdown. Since then it has been a whirlwind of accomplishments! Today we are going to talk about how his lifelong dream came true in 2016 with his launch of his first couture collection of furniture, Corey Damen Jenkins exclusively for Leathercraft. This collection was nominated for the prestigious 2017 Arts Award for the Best Product Design. Once you start to listen to this episode it will be no surprise to you that Corey Damen believes in giving back to the design community. His firm generously donates to several charities.

Show Notes:

  • What was the process like to get Corey Damen to decide to get on HGTV’s Show House Showdown?
  • What were the reasons that Corey Damen was cast for HGTV’s Show House Showdown?
  • How has Corey Damen learned to deal with his past insecurities and reconstruct the way he deals with things?
  • How does he get the most out of his projects?
  • Does he use PR firms?
  • When working with a PR firm how should a design firm behave and be organized?
  • How did Corey Damen decide to design his furniture through Leathercraft?
  • What is Leathercraft?
  • How did Corey Damen decide what fabrics to use on his furniture collection?
  • Who did Corey Damen name a piece of his furniture in his new collection after?
  • How does he come up with his designs for his furniture?


His website:


His Leathercraft Furniture line:


The Kate Spade Collection for Kravet which was mentioned in the episode:


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What Level is Your Design Business?