What Level is Your Design Business?

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    Hi Vita and fellow Yogis!
    I am very thankful for your course and it gives me a very good picture of how it can be. I am blown away how much work you put into creating all the formulas and a real system that can run without you already! I feel very hopeful that it is also possible for me! Right now I am just absorbing all the theory because I am super busy and overwhelmed in the midst of a very busy Holiday season. I have started turning people away since September as we just can’t keep up with the volume of coming in work (Hiring new help is like pulling teeth these days, so I had to go get behind the sewing machine) plus my very long time installer (7 years) gave me a notice about a month ago, so I’m just stressed.
    Once this madness ends, I need to rewatch all the videos again at Christmas break and make a solid plan of steps to take and bring my business to the next level. I also have a business partner and that worries me a little bit since he is very much stuck in his own ways and not super open to new ideas or changes ( maybe it’s the age talking…he is 67 with no desire to retire).
    This letter kind of came out too negative and complainy and whiny…that was not my intention at all.
    * I have good people working for me, I just need to find others that are as good.
    * I am very hopeful there is a light at the end of this year’s tunnel! This will actually be my most successful year financially! Yay!
    * I have cleaned out the bottom of my van from tons of fabrics! Still have to tackle the closet but it will happen for sure! even though I wasn’t very successful with finding a lot of places to donate the fabrics to, I still found a few, so that’s progress!
    * I am taking some meditation classes and trying to incorporate a healthy every day body approach!
    * I realized that I can actually plan on taking a very long vacation in the summer (about a month), so all these systems will be very handy.

    So Thank you Vita from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope!

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    Hello Vita and fellow Yogis!
    I am a creature of habit with Quickbooks estimating and invoicing. And can’t imagine switching… However it was very interesting to find the Excel version of estimating and very informative. Plus it gives that ability of sharing the files and training another person to do. The formulas give little chance for errors while using someone else to do the estimating, so that’s great all around.
    Thank you Vita for sharing yet again all your great insights! They are sooooo very much appreciated. The task of learning how to use Excel is a bit daunting to me but then again I am hoping to find someone who can do that for me (just like you said) and use your well of knowledge and visuals from the trainings to accomplish the end result. Now there is a clear picture of the end goal, which makes it so much easier to accomplish. Can’t wait to see how Excel and QB work together.

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    Thank you for sharing that huge well of knowledge that you acquired through “blood and tears”! The Airtable was just what I needed to mainly see the progress and what stage my projects are at. I have been struggling with that for years, especially when it’s not just me involved in the whole process. Even though we are a very small operation, it’s still hard to keep track of everything. I will be definitely using this system!
    Thanks a million for sharing and being so generous to let us just COPY it!!!

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    I just realized I never posted my Goals and my Why?

    My Goals are:
    – To take my business to the next level income-wise without sacrifice to my mental state, my health and my home and work familie’s well-being.
    – To make my company very appealing, so people would strive to get hired for, instead of chasing the workers with a torch.
    – To learn and improve, so I can inspire and improve everything and everyone around me

    My Big Why:
    I want to be able to be the real business owner that is not involved in day to day operations, who is wearing 5 hats at the same. I want the business to run on its own like the well oiled machine. I want to have a choice to sell my business if I decide to do so and enjoy my balance family life, traveling, doing philanthropy work around the world and having means to do it.

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    Huge Thank you to Vita for sharing such vital information as the Flow Charts. This is what I was looking for for a long time. It’s usually all in my head but to see it all spelled out like that is the real treasure! You mentioned it on one of LuAnn’s podcasts and picked my interest. So glad it was delivered right from the start! I will most definitely use them!

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What Level is Your Design Business?