What Level is Your Design Business?

1/2 way there – to getting your life back…


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    Good Morning Yogis!

    We are half way through our journey together.
    Everything that you’ve learned so far builds on each other.
    #1. Your process flows = your foundation.
    #2. PMS = how you keep track of every detail and is KEY to staying organized (your major goal for taking the class).
    Paperless expediting system = quicker turn around for estimates, purchase orders, and work/production orders. Also more efficient communication, internally and externally.

    All of the above is how you get and stay organized.
    Being organized gives you back your time.
    It also enables you to hire people.
    Hiring people (the right kind) makes it possible to step back and get back your life.
    What do you do when you step back and get back your life = your WHY

    Do you see how it’s all interconnected?

    Now it’s over to you…

    Where are you after this week’s class?
    How are you feeling?
    What is on your mind?
    How are you feeling about everything we’ve learned so far?
    What plans are percolating for you?
    What are your concerns or even fears?
    What’s keeping you up at night?
    What’s making you excited?

    Please share what’s going with you and how we can support you today?


    Hi Vita! I want to thank you for showing how you create estimates using excel. I too come from a corporate background and used excel a lot. Early on in my business I decided to use QB for estimating and never looked back. I liked that the estimate template matches the invoice template and invoicing is easy at the end of the project. So, I’m eager to see how you incorporate QB into your process.

    BUT, many times I use excel to get pricing and then copy the information into QB online just to send as a formal estimate. It all was working just fine until the projects started getting bigger and more complex and revisions became a painful nightmare of updating between excel and QB. It’s very manual and has way too much room for error.

    Your presentation yesterday a has me re-thinking my estimating process. Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me permission to use excel as a format for sending a formal estimate to a client! Woo-hoo!!! I can’t wait to start creating templates!!!

    – Jess


    Hi Vita,

    I agree with Jess, the idea of being able to copy and paste from an excel spreadsheets that does all the calculations is very appealing!

    I’m studying the presentation trying to map out how I want to create my templates but its incredibly blurry on the pages that contain your spreadsheets. Is there anyway to get copies of that portion that are more legible?

    Thank you,


    Vita, I am so impressed by your estimate templates! I really also like that you include images (fabric swatch, hardware finish / finial) right there for clarity. I can see how revisions are so much easier with formulas, and being able to keep versions is nice. I have started compiling a price list that includes product type, average hours of labor and subsequent cost which I plan on using to build out formulas / templates.

    Jess, I also use QuickBooks for my estimates, as well as the project feature for profitability and tags for tracking product profitability, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Vita integrates for financials.

    Overall, I’m feeling really good about the processes that I’ve put into place, and have already seen an improvement in my daily life because my office manager can now take on more tasks that I previously owned. I’m actually taking two (2!) days off this week to take a long weekend vacation with my husband, which is twice as much time as I’ve taken off since buying the business last year.

    I’ve also got some concrete actions items for further improvement, and am excited to keep the momentum going!


    Hello Vita and fellow Yogis!
    I am a creature of habit with Quickbooks estimating and invoicing. And can’t imagine switching… However it was very interesting to find the Excel version of estimating and very informative. Plus it gives that ability of sharing the files and training another person to do. The formulas give little chance for errors while using someone else to do the estimating, so that’s great all around.
    Thank you Vita for sharing yet again all your great insights! They are sooooo very much appreciated. The task of learning how to use Excel is a bit daunting to me but then again I am hoping to find someone who can do that for me (just like you said) and use your well of knowledge and visuals from the trainings to accomplish the end result. Now there is a clear picture of the end goal, which makes it so much easier to accomplish. Can’t wait to see how Excel and QB work together.

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What Level is Your Design Business?