What Level is Your Design Business?

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    Hi All,
    Jessica, I’m reviewing the first couple of weeks and wanted to ask about the difference between selling to Designers and builders who will then turn around to sell to their client vs selling to the retail customers. I have a window treatment business and my clients are about 50% designers and 50% retail clients. So when I meet with a designer for the first time I am selling myself and the services I offer more than a particular product. So I guess its a different kind of sales. Sometimes I am with the designer when they are meeting their client and I am helping to sell but not always. So in thinking about focusing on function and emotion first what are your thoughts on how to approach that?

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    I use Hunter Douglas most of the time for blinds, I sell it at retail. Prices are all over the place depending on the product but the cheapest one is generally applause honeycomb or roller shade. I rarely sell anything under $300, even a roller shade.

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    Great idea
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    Finances would be great

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    We just donated tons of old fabric sample books, leftover fabrics and cardboard tubes to our local elementary school. They were very excited to get it all for science and art projects. Good will also just told me I can donate fabric that is on a roll

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    Hi Alejandra,
    I have lived and built my business in 3 different states: NJ ( where I started) then MA and now CA. In all three states the majority of window treatments businesses did not charge for consults. However, in all 3 states, sometimes I charged and sometimes I didn’t and usually when I didn’t it was because I was succumbing to the pressure of the other businesses not charging. Now in CA, I generally charge an initial fee of $300 whether it is a designer or a retail client. I am about 50/50 this year of designer vs retail. Sometimes I credit that back to the client depending on the size of the job. I wish I could say I am consistent all the time but I started coaching with Amber de la Garza and since then most of the time I charge the $300 fee.

    There are designers that I work with that only bring me out to a job when it is a definite job so I don’t feel like I am wasting my time, but I still charge them a measure fee. I have to say, when I mention a fee, it definitely weeds out the tire kickers to begin with but it also opens the door to the larger discussion of budget. If $300 if a stretch for them, then they likely can’t afford my services anyway.


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What Level is Your Design Business?