What Level is Your Design Business?

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    Where are you this week – I’m one week closer to KEEPING TO MY SCHEDULE! For MONTHS I have had Mondays and Fridays blocked off on my schedule to work ON my business instead of IN my business… For MONTHS I have told my Office Manager and myself NOT to schedule sales appointments for me, so tha I could work in the office. For the past 8-10 months, this hasn’t been happening. I somehow always have end up adding 2-3 sales appointments to my Mondays and Fridays. STARTING in MAY, my Office Manager and I have agreed to STICK TO THIS SCHEDULE. I’m giving these appointments to my other sales team members.

    How are you feeling? RELEIF! I feel like a huge weight is being lifted off my shoulders. I have a great team, I need to rely on them more than I have been ๐Ÿ™‚

    What is your mind? Im guessing ‘Where’ is your mind? My mind is on the future. Future growth!

    How are you feeling about everything we’ve learned so far? Good! I have been sharing all of the information with my Office Manager so that SHE too can be following along and learning as I learn. Truthfully, she will be the one implementing a lot of these new procedures.

    What plans have you created? My Office Manager, Trisha has been following along with the plans Vita is sharing. We have downloaded the suggested apps and programs. Both Trisha and I are in the beginning stages of trying to figure them all out!

    What action steps have you taken? – Above, downloading and trying to learn all that is offered with apps and programs. Trisha is further along with this than myself.

    What are your concerns or even fears? A LOT of information, A LOT of change. A LOT to learn! Fear of not being able to keep up with it all.

    What’s keeping you up at night? the “TO DO LIST” in my head! I have NOT been working ON my business… LOTS of great ideas and procedures to implement. trying to figure out the best plan of action.

    What’s making you excited? Getting it ALL figured out!!! Creating TIME & DEDICATION to get my BUSINESS LIFE IN ORDER! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please share what’s going with you and how we can support you today? – KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Good Morning! I’m looking forward to todays session! I have spent the past two days attending Exciting Windows! annual conference. I’m ready to GROW! In order to do so, I need to not only GET ORGANIZED, but STAY ORGANIZED! I need to trust my team and allow THEM to do the work put in front of them and not always be double checking on them. I’m excited for my Office Manager to watch our video recording from last week on Airtbable! See you all this afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Airtable… having everything web based, beyond QB. I currently have physical customer folders that move from one location to another…. Quote/office/installer/back to office to end up in a large file cabinet. Airtable may help organize/eliminate folders and give everyone the opportunity to be on the same page of where a project is at. Flow Charts! YES!! Looking forward to organizing those!

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    My Goals:

    1. Stick to a schedule. Mondays: Move team meeting to 9:30 on Mondays (rather than Thursday) Work ON the BUSINESS 12- 5 pm. Use this time to get ahead/work on paperwork and company vision. Tuesday – Thursday schedule my personal sales appointments 9 – 6 pm. Friday work at home finalizing weeks bids 8 – 1 pm. Saturday – Sunday – NO WORK/No playing “catching up” on paperwork/bids. STICK TO SCHEDULE. Let team takeover other sales appointments (including commercial) rather than trying to take on so much myself.

    2. Get my business organized enough that it can run without me. Residential & Commercial. Using Monday afternoons and Friday mornings for this time.

    3. Hire an installer in the Metro area so that we can stay ahead on install schedule.

    4. Hire another consultant and installer in Rochester area so that I’m not the one going go those appointments. We are not the ones installing in Rochester.

    5. Set up the business so that we have consultants selling and I work “behind the scenes”.

    6. 2021 – To reach Sales Goal $1,200,000 with out ME having to do all the sales… Spreading the sales to other consultants. In order to attain this goal we need to sell $100,000 per month/$23,076.93 per week/$3,287.67 per day. This can easily be obtained with 4 sales consultants. Broken down with 4 consultants = 2021 goal of $1,200,000 / 4 consultants = $300,000 each in 2021 sales. $100,000 per month goal / 4 = $25,000 each per month. $23,076.93 per week goal / 4 = $5,759.23 each per week. $3,287.67 per day goal / 4 = $821.92 each per day.

    7. Sit back and ENJOY working with my team and helping / watching them reach their goals ๐Ÿ™‚

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What Level is Your Design Business?