What Level is Your Design Business?

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    Hello Yogis!
    Could you please share your thoughts and feelings about this class in a short review?
    Just 2-3 sentences expressing why you decided to take the class and what it will do for your business now that you’ve taken it.
    It helps me hearing your feedback and, most importantly, it will help another window treatment specialist considering taking the class in the future.
    Thank you so much!!


    I decided to take this course after attending a WCAA lunch and learn where Vita shared a bit about her processes. I was so excited to learn she was teaching a full class on scaling a window treatment business and signed up the very day registration went live. Not only does Vita have an enviable process from which we can all learn and improve our businesses, she takes the time to share how and why she developed them, including challenges and setbacks encountered along the way. I’m inspired after each class, not only to implement new things for my business, but also that I’m not alone in this journey.

    Vita truly pulls back the curtain on how to run a successful window treatment business, and I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned in this course.

    Nikki Greenwood
    Owner, Savannah Window Fashions


    I wanted to take this class after listening to Vita talk about her project management process on a podcast. The things she said really hit home and I wanted to know more! After taking this class my eyes are open to opportunity and possibilities, I didn’t think were attainable. This class has boosted my confidence and provided answers to questions I was not able to answer on my own. Vita really opens the door to her business and shows exactly how her and her team work together. As an instructor she is kind, cares about her students and delivers information that is invaluable.


    After listening to Luann’s podcast, and listening to Vita talks about her project management process, it made me curious more than anything because it is listening to the experiences of someone who is focused on a windowtreaments business specifically, and not interior design as you commonly find more on the subject.
    I believe it was one of my best investments in my business and in myself.
    Vita literally shows us what her business design is like, and from there it opens up many opportunities to grow your business in a more efficient way. In these almost 6 weeks I have learned that to see my business from another perspective. I want to put his teachings into practice and little by little to reinforce the foundations of my business. THANK YOU VITA !!


    hi Nikki,
    thank you so much for your kind words!!! i’m so glad that my passion for teaching you what i know and seeing your succeed came through. yes, so many challenges and set-backs along the way – it’s important that you guys know it’s not all roses and unicorns. thank YOU for being such an active participant, even in light all of your staffing challenges. i love how committed you were in each and every class!!


    you are so sweet and your words made me tear up, especially about kindness.
    that IS something i was trying to weave into every point i was making and i’m so glad that it came through.
    there is so much to know, to learn, to figure out – i did some of it (still have a lot more) and i’m happy to share, so that others don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
    How did Freddie put it yesterday? Love and kindness! Love and Kindness – to others, and most importantly to ourselves.
    Thank you for taking the class – i can’t wait to hear about your progress!!!
    please keep in touch.


    hi Alejandra,
    Wow, BEST investment in your business and yourself?!
    that’s incredible feedback.
    i’m very humbled to hear you say that.
    i loved seeing you in class!
    and hearing how it’s going to improve your business going forward is very very rewarding to me.
    you hit the nail on the head: little by little, step by step, one low hanging fruit at a time, every week for two hours – you do that for a year – and you’ll be miles ahead of where you are today!
    i can’t wait to watch you grow!!!

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What Level is Your Design Business?