What Level is Your Design Business?

Week 2

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    So, for those asking, the short list of essential account types for interior designers:
    Bank (create an account for each of your actual business bank accounts)
    Credit Cards (same as above)
    Income (Design time, Furnishings, Window Treatments or 3-4 that are meaningful to your business))
    Cost of Good Sold (Funishings, Window Treatments)
    Expenses (use Peter Lang’s list. You won’t necessarily use all items, in which case they will be zero and won’t clutter up your reports)

    Equity etc are all important account types for your accountant, and some will automatically be used by quickbooks as we enter things. Don’t get too hung up on them–as in I wouldn’t delete them out of your pre-loaded QB accounts. Just know but we won’t worry about them for what we are covering in these classes. No need to edit any of the accounts other than what is listed above for this course.

    Have a great weekend!

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What Level is Your Design Business?