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    Feel free to chat about week 1 on this forum thread!


    I’m Dawn with Roth Design Co and my Instagram is @rothdesignco. I’m not on Facebook, because it sucks joy from my life! Ha Ha… Instagram people are nicer and I enjoy the platform much more. I’m in Charlotte NC and do mostly new build and residential projects. I went back to school in my mid thirties to get a BFA in Interior Design and had a huge new build project waiting for me when I graduated the same month, (for a friend). I charged her and the GC my student rate to get my foot in the door and haven’t had a chance to catch my breathe. All new clients have been from referrals or Instagram. In school we learned the technical sides of interior design, but not the business side… so like some of you… I’ve been winging it and now it’s time to nail things down. I heard Sara Lynn speak at a Mydoma event and have followed her on Instagram ever since.

    I look forward to reading some of your stories and seeing your work on Instagram.


    Hi friends,

    I am Ashley Ross, Founder + Principal at Muse Noire Interiors. Our home base is Charlotte, NC, we have an office in uptown Charlotte but with my toddler at home I mainly work from my home office. I have been charging for services since November of 2019, so the business turns 2 next month and I am pretty proud of what has been accomplished to date. I am originally from New Jersey, professionally trained as a business development and fundraising professional in the non profit sector. Those two facts of life have allowed me to set decent price points for my services early on, and have the confidence to stand firm on the number to make the ask. To transition in to design I enrolled into the New York School of Art & Design for the basics. Our aesthetic at Muse Noire stems from the intersection of culture and interior wellness, we create contemporary global homes for the culture. I have had an amazing business coach get me to this point and now I am excited to transition into coaching specific to the industry.

    I run a pretty transparent business, all of our prices / packages can be found on the website and our instagram. http://www.MuseNoire.com / @MuseNoire.Interiors I found that it cuts down on the number of discovery calls, having this information upfront. The full service client process is even listed, just high level. So I am looking forward to digging deeper in to the internal meat and potatoes of the process. I charge in per room packages but I started out charging per square foot until in bit me in the butt. Referral come from existing clients and instagram. Currently we are carrying a pretty high project load across 7 states, and if weren’t for the existing process, automation and small team my head would be underwater. I have a project manager, install manager, and 3 client specialist in the 3 states we work most in. Then I use MyDoma for clients, Keap for automation, and Trello for staff.

    I am excited to learn from everyone here and I can not wait to make adjustments to my process!


    Thank you for sharing your stories Ashley and Dawn! I followed you both on IG and hope the rest of us will join us in this thread, share their stories and follow us on social too! I’m so glad to have you here with us!


    Hello Awesome Designers!
    My name is Stacey with 2 Navy Lane Interior Design. I am based in Culpeper, VA (about 75 miles south of Washington DC). I have been a designer for 26 years and been in business for myself for a little over 2 years now. I moved into my first office space in June 2021 and love having the separation of home and business. I am originally from Southern California and have been in Virginia for 17 years (this month!). I have a wonderful husband, 3 awesome kiddos who keep life busy and interesting and a sweet Golden Retriever puppy named Ellie. I have 2 boys (14, 9) and 1 girl (almost 8).
    I hit the ground running with my business and had zero time to set up processes or really understand “what” I needed from them. I am glad I’m taking this class when I am (even though I wanted to take it sooner) because it is with the experience I have now, that I will be able to put into place what will work for me and make it my own.
    You can find me on FB @2NavyLane and on IG @2navylaneinteriors.
    I am excited to complete this class and look forward to learning from Sara and everyone in the group!


    Just checking out this discussion board while I wait for week 2 to start!

    My name is Allison Handler and I run Allison Handler Design, a full service interior design studio based in Ridgewood, NJ. I am actually a window works client as well 🙂

    I just started my business in June of this year (#babydesigner), but have already hit the ground running and am juggling 8-10 clients at any given point in time. I am predominately residential and do everything from new builds and renovations to kitchen/bathroom design and also just furnishing projects. I am projecting to earn a 6 figure profit by the end of 2021.

    Since my business is so young, I really have not established any systems yet other than invoicing through quick books and keeping an excel spreadsheet of all my income/expenses. I am really looking forward to learning more and streamlining my business as well as connecting with all of you!

    I am on instagram at @allisonhandlerdesign, and would love to connect with you all there as well 🙂


    Hey All!

    Im Ashley Evans with AE Interiors in Katy, TX. I am so looking forward to connecting with everyone here and learning more about how to excel in developing the right processes for my business. I started my business last year and before I even launched I had my first client. It never slowed down from there and before I knew it I was hiring my first employee tying to keep up with the busy workload! That being said, I did’nt ever sit down and give the systems area much thought until I was overwhelmed with work. I am excited to take a step back and take some time to get the foundational framework sorted out.

    You can connect with me on IG @aeinteriors_home and my site http://www.aeinteriorskaty.com

    I look forward to meeting you all!
    Ashley Evans


    Hey all, its Mallory from Jerusalem. I had some technical difficulties so I am just checking the conversation board out now
    I am originally from the States (Utah, Seattle and NY). I have lived in Jerusalem for the last 30 years and found my home here. I had a ceramic studio for 20 some years teaching and making and about 7 years ago started working in Interior Design. Last year I quit teaching ceramics and art and am full-time in my interior design business and it is going great!

    I do mostly residential and offices. I have done a synagogue and have 2 upcoming consultations for ceramic studios! I am passionate about design, living and space. I am really excited to work on the business end of my business to make it more streamlined. I am not so social media active but I do have a Facebook page. You can see my site: http://www.mallorylivingdesign.com


    Hi All!!

    I’m Leslie Anderson and I own a Home Staging and Interior Design business in Northern Virginia. I started out primarily doing home staging and with many of my jobs was asked to help the homeowners decorate their new homes after they saw the transformation we made to the home they were selling. At this point, interior design is 50% of my business and it is growing like crazy. I am super excited to learn as much as possible and have admired Sara’s work and advice through LuAnn’s podcasts.

    Sara – I introduced myself to you at Sourcc while at High Point in Oct. You were so gracious to offer some words of advice and provide me with a quick pick me up for a current client. Thank you! I am playing a little bit of catch up with the course as we are staging during the days and sometimes it is hard for me to break away. I look forward to learning from everyone!

    Instagram: instagram.com/leslieandersoninteriors/
    Facebook: facebook.com/leslieandersoninteriors


    Hi Ladies!

    Sorry I’m a little late to the discussion thread!

    I’m Lacey Holdsworth, owner and principal designer of Oak + Arrow Interiors located in New Orleans, LA. I first started my interior design career by working for a firm in Jackson Hole, WY where I lived for 6 years. I was thrown into some large projects very early on, and gained a lot of experience which gave me the confidence to start my own business.

    Shortly after moving home in 2018, I opened a small home furnishing retail shop and was managing the store front and design clients solo. After COVID my store took a major hit, but my design business took off. I made the difficult decision to close this past May and focus strictly on interior design. While I do have experience in commercial design, the majority of my projects are residential. I am currently working on a few new builds, and remodels (one of them being my own). Like many of you, things have been moving faster than I can keep track, and I find myself completely overwhelmed most days. I have been following Sarah’s journey on the podcast and could totally relate to her story, so I was really excited when I discovered she offered this class. I’m looking forward to learning how to streamline my business and put a system in place that will help me to stay organized, make my clients happy, and hopefully generate more income so I can finally hire an assistant!

    I am excited to get to know each of you!

    You can find me on Instagram @oakandarrowinteriors and my website is https://www.oakandarrowinteriors.com/

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What Level is Your Design Business?