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Table of Contents and Elevations Questions

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    Hi Jenny,

    1) As I’ve been putting together my spec book I’m having a hard time understanding the list of elevations that I should be creating for each room vs. what you did that was unique to your project (eg. backing elevations). Could I send my spec book to you to get your notes on it?

    2) On slide 9 of the week 4 deck I see you’ve put “105 Master vanity”, “106 Master Water closet” etc as section headers in the table of contents and then you have “202 Kitchen” as a section header. Why did you break out the master vanity, master shower, etc into their own section and not break out the kitchen into sections (or other areas)?

    3) What do you put in the Countertops/slab schedule for size? Total sqft needed or the dimensions of each countertop needed? # slabs? Thickness of slab?

    4) Do you ever create elevation views that are labeled with plumbing? Or do you just do elevations for wall tile/finishes and lighting/electrical?

    5) Can you show an example of a bath accessories plan view?

    Thank you so much! Sorry for all the questions!!


    Hi Jacquline,

    My list was extensive for the table of contents. The purpose of the Table of contents is simply to call out what you have drawn or elevated. The numbers go in numerical order and then give it description in the table of contents. It will be easier for me to go over these questions in class today rather than try to write it out. I’ll do that at the beginning of class.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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