What Level is Your Design Business?


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    Kat, you can read this at the next session if you’d like.

    Hi Ladies,

    I’m Denise Pough. Sorry to have missed Thursday’s class, but I have some scheduling conflicts over the next couple of sessions, but needed to get this part of my business clarified before the end of the year. So I signed up to at least see the video recordings. I hope to hop on one of the sessions in another couple of weeks to at least connect live.

    But, to introduce myself, even though Kat already knows me, I’m a sole entrepreneur interior designer in Paramus, NJ and I started my business shortly before COVID shut things down. I also have a real estate management company with my husband (where it is rent in, payments out) where I use QBs online (early days was desktop, so I know your pain Laura), but the bookkeeping piece for the interior design business is very different than what I already know. There are some parts of the program that I’ve already set up (HW of Session 1). After watching the video, I already received a bit of information on questions I have been grappling with as I try to figure out my business model (ie. Sales Tax and when to pay them, and the accural vs cash methods). Thank you Jaime and Ashley for asking them, very helpful.

    I look forward to all of Kat’s knowledge and believe me, I am there with each of you when it comes to trying to just understand all of the moving parts of running an interior design business (especially not to get in trouble with the state).



    Hi Denise~

    Thank you for popping into the chat. I look forward to interacting with you here, and maybe in the classes later in the course.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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What Level is Your Design Business?