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    Hi Everyone! It sounds like I did not give very clear instructions yesterday as we rushed through the homework assignment. My bad!

    So homework for this week is to find a house plan that you will use for your spec book. If you have a current project you can use, awesome! If you have plans from a previous project, great! If you don’t, you can ask in the forum if anyone has one you can use OR you can find one online. For this class, the floor plan will be used mainly for elevations and flooring.

    Your floor plan does not need to be complicated or a large home. There are websites you can get free or inexpensive house plans. We are using the plans for elevations of shower walls, vanity walls, kitchen cabinetry, built-ins, whatever it is that you will include in your specification book. Most plans will have a vanity in place, the toilet, shower, etc. If they don’t, you, your designer or hired CAD helper can easily drop in these items.

    The purpose of the floor plan for THIS week’s assignment is so that you can use the plans for actual plumbing and lighting counts so that you can create your budget. Your budget can be whatever you make it, but I suggest using one that you think your client or future client will have. So in my class example, my budget for 5 baths and 1 kitchen was $24,000. If you want to use that for your budget that’s fine. Here’s how I would break that down…

    5 Bathrooms
    1 powder (toilet, sink, faucet)
    4 full baths (toilet, sink, faucet, shower plumbing and/or shower/tub combo)
    1 Kitchen
    Sink, faucet, pot filler

    5 Bathrooms
    1 bath (single sconce)
    4 baths (2 sconces each)
    Primary bath to also have chandelier

    You do NOT have to physically go to a showroom to look at plumbing fixtures or lighting fixtures, you can do that research at home on your computer. HOWEVER, if you are unfamiliar with plumbing brands, pricing, lighting, etc., a trip to a showroom would be well worth it! Schedule a time to have a rep take you around so you can become familiar with the brands and pricing. That way in the future, you can know what brands you will use based on the client’s style and budget.

    My go-to brands for plumbing:
    Delta Faucet Company
    If they have the budget: Waterworks.

    My go-to brands for lighting:
    Circa Lighting (the retail division of Visual Comfort) 90% of my lighting is from here
    Currey & Co
    Troy Lighting

    Hopefully that helps clarify!

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What Level is Your Design Business?