What Level is Your Design Business?

Hi Everyone :)

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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the first class. I’m in AZ and we’re currently on west coast time so I was taking my kids to school at that time. I’m hoping my husband can take them this week so I don’t have to miss the class again. After next week we’ll be on Mountain Time so I’ll be able to make the rest of the classes (no daylight savings time in AZ!).

    I just finished the replay of the first class and wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I’m Colleen Langdon and I own a design firm called Crafted Quarters. I started the business at the beginning of the year but I’ve been working with a builder for two years. We started out flipping houses and doing remodel projects but we are starting to get into new spec builds. We currently have 4 going in the Phoenix area and have 3 more starting in early 2021. Our first build will be wrapping up in January but it already sold before we had a chance to put it on the market! I too am taking this course in conjunction with Design for Construction 101. From this course I’m hoping to learn more about all of the trades I work with and how to better communicate with them and get a better understanding of what they need from me. I look forward to meeting everyone next week!


    Welcome Colleen! We are excited to have you in class. Kat is awesome and you are about to learn so much!! See you for week 2!


    Hi there Colleen and welcome to the course! I’m so excited to get to know you over the next few weeks. Thank you for taking time to introduce yourself here!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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What Level is Your Design Business?