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    Hi Vita,
    Thanks for a great class. I have been trying to get a project/task management system set up in Clickup since before this class started. Although I have been working with a consultant it has been a challenge. I’m wondering if you could share why Click up did not work for you for the project management. I’d also like to hear from others if they have used something other than Air Table and what their experience has been. I’ve devoted a lot of time and resources to getting click up running but starting to feel like it is not the best system. Air Table may be the ticket but would love to hear your reasoning for click up not being the right one for you.



    Hi Suzy,
    thank you for your patience as i was trying to verify some info with Amber.

    it’s been a couple of years since i tried to do the PMS in click-up, so i’m going by my best memory.
    i seem to remember that one of the reasons we couldn’t go with it is b/c it couldn’t do the drop-down menu within each component.
    so for example: for component hardware – we have several task options (place order, confirm order, receive order, etc). Then we had a status for each task (open or complete). Click up couldn’t provide that level of intuitive granular breakdown.

    Amber remembers it a bit differently. She remembers that all of the functionality could have been replicated, but only with customization.
    and since i already spent time and money on customizing AT, it didn’t make sense to scrap it and start doing the same work in Click up.

    i guess bottom line is: anything is possible. Click-up is probably just as good as any other software out there. Everything needs customization to fit our industry and your process flows. it’s just picking one, doing the customization work, and sticking with it.

    hope it helps!
    Which platform are you leaning towards?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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What Level is Your Design Business?