What Level is Your Design Business?

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I too am just posting my why…had to try hard to verbalize this.

I’m in a strange business situation. My installer and I operated as a casual partnership. We shared a website. We split a lot of jobs. Not labor, but we shared a lot of our sales because of our expertise in different areas and our long work history together.

Jim passed away 10 weeks ago rather suddenly. So I’m using this series of webinars/workshops to help me figure out a new direction and new systems that may work better for me.

My goals are:
-to become organized enough so that I can find some new subcontract resources for fabrication. I don’t intend to hire employees.
-to bring my business back to a half million dollar company(and beyond). I downsized several years ago due to illness in my family.
-to improve my daily workflow
I’m sure that there is more. But this is my start to my why.
thank you, Amy

What Level is Your Design Business?