What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: PMS, anyone?


hi Myrna,
so glad to hear that you’re excited about AT and are trying it already!
i’ve also tried ClickUp as a PMS and was not able to make it work.
so you’re not alone!

i checked on the formula for my first column.
it is: Customer & ” – ” &Project
to be sure, the 1st column combines customer name with project name, not designer name.

btw, “if you loved mine and wish you could just copy and paste it into your Airtable account!” – why not just do that?
the most time-efficient way is to hire an AT consultant, give her the class video, and have her copy it.
it’ll take her a few hours.
how many hours will it take you? is it worth your time?
just a thought…


What Level is Your Design Business?