What Level is Your Design Business?

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I agree it is hard to be 100% paperless. I have a standard form I use for measuring that I plan to digitize one day. I like the flexibility of note taking so I take notes on paper and take pictures of the form . I also use OneDrive for my client files so I take pictures of my form and send the picture to the OneDrive folder for my client. I can do this on my phone and iPad.

Options for paperless can be to use a Rocketbook and set the destination to your storage location. You can also use a template of a fillable PDF you save and re-use for clients, with a space to draw on if needed.

For accessing the documents through Airtable you could create a naming convention where you store your documents and create a column to link to the client folder for your documents.

I have pictures I try to include in my invoices from HoneyBook to confirm I have the right fabric they selected. They select them in person so they have seen them in person. This is work because I do have to have the image of the fabric I saved to include on the invoice, but I feel it helps ensure we are moving forward with the right fabric.

I think a physically piece of the fabric would be needed if I hand off fabrication to someone else to confirm right side and which way is “up”. This has been the case when I have outsourced.

What I’ve been doing that I can improve is get money first in a rough estimate before the work of finding a fabric image for a detailed estimate. This is something IB considered but not implemented and would like to.

What Level is Your Design Business?