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Reply To: Getting rid of leftover fabrics


hi Olga,
such good question! i used to keep the left-overs.
over the years, i accumulated, TONs of them.
i felt bad throwing them out.
i kept thinking, that one of these days, i’ll make a pillow out of this beautiful fabric.
that my friends would want to use for their house.
That day never came.
left-overs kept getting dustier and dustier.
And every time i looked at them, i felt stressed out.
the energy was draining out of me.
so one day, i just donated, gave away, and threw out.
it broke my heart temporarily, but i felt soooo much better after it was all done.

now, we donate or throw out the leftovers.
i want to collect nothing.
the only exception is if it’s a solid. We use solids as piping on valances and cornices.
it’s a nice addition and designers like it.

hope this helps!

What Level is Your Design Business?