What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: The WHY behind your goal


I just realized I never posted my Goals and my Why?

My Goals are:
– To take my business to the next level income-wise without sacrifice to my mental state, my health and my home and work familie’s well-being.
– To make my company very appealing, so people would strive to get hired for, instead of chasing the workers with a torch.
– To learn and improve, so I can inspire and improve everything and everyone around me

My Big Why:
I want to be able to be the real business owner that is not involved in day to day operations, who is wearing 5 hats at the same. I want the business to run on its own like the well oiled machine. I want to have a choice to sell my business if I decide to do so and enjoy my balance family life, traveling, doing philanthropy work around the world and having means to do it.

What Level is Your Design Business?