What Level is Your Design Business?

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hi ladies,
great job on sharing your “why’s”!!! now, you didn’t think i was going to let you off easy, did you? :-). More probing questions, here we come…

Freddie, how much $ do you want to make? do you know that number? get specific about it. Who do you have to have in place to start travelling? Do you travel now – how much more travelling would you like to do? For your goals to be meaningful, they first need to be specific. While they stay nebulous, you’ll never know if you achieved them.

Vessie, how do you define ‘success’ for your business? is it revenue $, net income $, number of people, number of projects? How much time with your family.
How many dates with your hubby? What quality time with your kids? Get specific. Put out into the universe exactly what you want. That’s your 1st step.

Kathy, i love that you want to help people! It’s noble and commendable. Are you willing to work 80hours a week for it? Are you willing to go on 4 appointments a day? are you willing to bring down your pricing? what does “lifestyle that provides inspiration” mean? i love the corporate-speak b/c i myself am a corporate drop-out :-). Talk to us like we are 3-year olds. what makes you giddy? what makes your soul zing? what do you want to do for yourself and your family, once you are a success? and how will you know you got there?

Alejandra, what does “balance” look like to you? is it days, hours? is it travelling? is it going to a movie? is it shutting down at 5pm? is it taking Fridays off? What does “me” time look like? How much of it would you like to have? Let’s start here.

you guys, the true WHY is deeper than ‘streamlined systems, etc’. Streamlined systems is HOW you get to your why. The ‘why’ needs to be so strong and compelling that when it gets hard, when you have to make really tough choices, there is no other option than to make them, b/c that’s how badly you want to make to your ‘why’. Keep digging, ladies 🙂 I’m here for you! xo, v

What Level is Your Design Business?