What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hey All!

Im Ashley Evans with AE Interiors in Katy, TX. I am so looking forward to connecting with everyone here and learning more about how to excel in developing the right processes for my business. I started my business last year and before I even launched I had my first client. It never slowed down from there and before I knew it I was hiring my first employee tying to keep up with the busy workload! That being said, I did’nt ever sit down and give the systems area much thought until I was overwhelmed with work. I am excited to take a step back and take some time to get the foundational framework sorted out.

You can connect with me on IG @aeinteriors_home and my site http://www.aeinteriorskaty.com

I look forward to meeting you all!
Ashley Evans

What Level is Your Design Business?