What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: The WHY behind your goal


My goal for taking this course is to implement a start to finish project management system, which will allow me to:

– Streamline the proposal process
– Better provide timely, accurate updates to my clients
– Be pro-active vs. reactive when issues inevitably arise
– Position myself as an expert in my niche
– Attract more of my ideal high value luxury client
– Command higher prices for my product and services

All of that will work to move me towards my more personal goals of:
– Becoming less involved in the daily project management of the business
– Purchasing a larger historic downtown property
– Creating jobs for more creatives / makers

Work life balance for me means:
– Having more time for connecting with friends and family
– Reading books for pleasure
– Floral design and gardening
– Travel
– Becoming more involved in my community.

What Level is Your Design Business?