What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hi friends,

I am Ashley Ross, Founder + Principal at Muse Noire Interiors. Our home base is Charlotte, NC, we have an office in uptown Charlotte but with my toddler at home I mainly work from my home office. I have been charging for services since November of 2019, so the business turns 2 next month and I am pretty proud of what has been accomplished to date. I am originally from New Jersey, professionally trained as a business development and fundraising professional in the non profit sector. Those two facts of life have allowed me to set decent price points for my services early on, and have the confidence to stand firm on the number to make the ask. To transition in to design I enrolled into the New York School of Art & Design for the basics. Our aesthetic at Muse Noire stems from the intersection of culture and interior wellness, we create contemporary global homes for the culture. I have had an amazing business coach get me to this point and now I am excited to transition into coaching specific to the industry.

I run a pretty transparent business, all of our prices / packages can be found on the website and our instagram. http://www.MuseNoire.com / @MuseNoire.Interiors I found that it cuts down on the number of discovery calls, having this information upfront. The full service client process is even listed, just high level. So I am looking forward to digging deeper in to the internal meat and potatoes of the process. I charge in per room packages but I started out charging per square foot until in bit me in the butt. Referral come from existing clients and instagram. Currently we are carrying a pretty high project load across 7 states, and if weren’t for the existing process, automation and small team my head would be underwater. I have a project manager, install manager, and 3 client specialist in the 3 states we work most in. Then I use MyDoma for clients, Keap for automation, and Trello for staff.

I am excited to learn from everyone here and I can not wait to make adjustments to my process!

What Level is Your Design Business?