What Level is Your Design Business?

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I’m Dawn with Roth Design Co and my Instagram is @rothdesignco. I’m not on Facebook, because it sucks joy from my life! Ha Ha… Instagram people are nicer and I enjoy the platform much more. I’m in Charlotte NC and do mostly new build and residential projects. I went back to school in my mid thirties to get a BFA in Interior Design and had a huge new build project waiting for me when I graduated the same month, (for a friend). I charged her and the GC my student rate to get my foot in the door and haven’t had a chance to catch my breathe. All new clients have been from referrals or Instagram. In school we learned the technical sides of interior design, but not the business side… so like some of you… I’ve been winging it and now it’s time to nail things down. I heard Sara Lynn speak at a Mydoma event and have followed her on Instagram ever since.

I look forward to reading some of your stories and seeing your work on Instagram.

What Level is Your Design Business?