What Level is Your Design Business?

Increase Profit with Strategic Time Tracking


3 Hours of Accelerated, Industry-Specific Education


If you are an expert designer, you should get paid like one.

Whether you bill lump sum, fixed fee, or hourly, strategically tracking your time will allow for better estimates and increase your cash flow. The right time tracking methods are going to guarantee that all of the time spent on billable jobs is invoiced to your client.

Time tracking is about so much more than the hours billed—though those are incredibly important. Tired of working crazy hours and not seeing the results in your bank account? Or just ready to refine and take your numbers to a new level? The systems I teach can be implemented immediately. Interested? Sign up for LuAnn’s updates and early bird pricing!

The Magic is in the Actions You Take AFTER the Intensive

Within one day. Within one week. Within one month.
And Kimberly is going to break it down into doable, precise elements. You’ll leave with…

3 Actions for
The First Day

Quick wins. Essential steps for profitability. Some low-hanging fruit. The ‘do this now’ advice from an experienced consultant.

3 Actions for
The First Week

What’s next to move the needle? What are the most strategic, efficient actions within one week of the intensive?

3 Actions for
The First Month

The big ones. These are the actions—big and small—that will make you look back on this intensive as a turning point.

LuAnn Nigara
Meet Kimberly Merlitti

Kimberly Merlitti is the owner of KMM Consulting and has over 20 years of experience working in accounting for companies that sell services and products all around the United States. The mission of her firm is to make businesses as profitable as possible—all through targeted education on accounting, cash flow management, tax deductions, project reporting, and business management.

It’s time to take control of your time.

With the skills you gain in this intensive, you’ll be confident that the time you spend on jobs always results in dollars in the bank.

By the end of this course, you will know how to…

  • Determine the exact amounts that you need to hit each month to pay your overhead and still make a profit.
  • Effectively hold your staff accountable for the hours that they are entering—and accurately determine the rates that you need to bill your client for each staff member.
  • Track production rates on a monthly basis—and use this data to improve over time.
  • Properly track time for out-of-scope items—and never leave money on the table again.
  • And much more…

Ready to capture all of the valuable time you are spending on jobs, even the out-of-scope items?

What’s Included?

  • experts

    THREE-HOUR INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: Expert instruction in a no-fluff, highly-structured format. Specific actions—for your first day, week, and month—because the magic is in the implementation.

  • recording

    RECORDED SESSION: Can't make the intensive? A recording will be available the next day! Simply log in to your account at luannnigara.com to access it. We will send you instructions.

Increase Profit with Strategic Time Tracking


Returning in 2025

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  • When do we meet?

    We meet on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 at 11:30am ET.

  • I can't make the date! What should I do?

    No problem! A recording of the intensive will be available the next day.

  • Where do we meet? How long is the meeting?

    We meet via livestream. Expect an email with instructions a few days before the intensive.

    The meeting is three hours of live coaching with a 15-minute break and a combination of dynamic teaching (expect tons of real-world examples!) and live Q&A.

  • This sounds amazing, but what if I'm not satisfied?

    No worries. If you're not delighted, then LuAnn and your instructor would definitely like to hear from you! Reach out within ten days of the intensive.

What Level is Your Design Business?