What Level is Your Design Business?

LuAnn Nigara Live 2021 / Watch It On Demand


It’s about the conversation! Get all nine sessions—two days of seminars—to watch, take notes, and take action.

  • Sandra Funk and Beth Diana Smith: Drawing a Line in the Sand
  • Kimberley Merlitti and Lisa Gilmore: Pipelines, Budgets and Reports, Oh My!
  • Eileen Hahn and Christine Lin: How to Lead and Manage Your Company, or Teams of 1 of 21!
  • Darla Powell and Justin Q. Williams: Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Business
  • Sara Lynn Brennan and Rincey Philip: A Checklist is Not a Defined Process
  • Jamie Lieberman and Blanche Garcia: Contracts Set a Foundation for Success
  • Amanda Berlin and Dane Austin: Creating Authentic Visibility
  • Desi Creswell and Katie Menon: Work-Life Balance? No, Work-Life Alignment is the Real Goal!
  • Amber De La Garza and Jenny Slingerland: Value Yourself by Identifying Your High Value Bucket Activities

What Level is Your Design Business?