What Level is Your Design Business?

The Making of A Well-Designed Business: The Workshop


4 Hours of Accelerated, Industry-Specific Education

Luann Nigara The Making Of A Well Designed Business The Workshop

Entrepreneurship is not easy—but it can be unbelievably rewarding.

If you have the right foundation in place. All the desire to succeed in the world will not replace the practical, non-negotiable elements of a profitable business.

Please know that you can start out right—or you can course-correct whenever you’re ready.

You have a passion for creating beautiful spaces and I admire that in you. I have a passion for creating profitable businesses—let me show you how that passion can fulfill your life as well as your clients’ lives.

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The Magic is in the Actions You Take AFTER the Intensive

Within one day. Within one week. Within one month.
And LuAnn is going to break it down into doable, precise elements. You’ll leave with…

3 Actions for
The First Day

Quick wins. Essential steps for building a scalable business. Some low-hanging fruit. The ‘do this now’ advice from an experienced business owner.

3 Actions for
The First Week

What’s next to move the needle? What are the most strategic, efficient actions within one week of the intensive?

3 Actions for
The First Month

The big ones. These are the actions—big and small—that will make you look back on this intensive as a turning point.

LuAnn Nigara
Meet LuAnn Nigara

A skilled and intuitive businesswoman, LuAnn is passionate about helping business owners intentionally grow their business confidence, their business skills, and their profits. Now, in her third business launch, LuAnn Nigara Inc., she provides resources for creative entrepreneurs through live eventsLuAnn University, and one-on-one coaching. LuAnn has published three books and has captured international attention for A Well-Designed Business®.

You know what to do as a designer, a window treatment salesperson, or an installer, but what does the CEO do?

This intensive is for the newer entrepreneur who has the passion, the drive, and the ideas and needs the “how” to be in business.

It is also for the seasoned entrepreneur who after years, or decades, realizes they have not created wealth through their business but have created a job.

  • This intensive will make you a better leader—gaining clarity on your responsibilities and inspiration to be an outstanding CEO.
  • We will challenge your mindset on what is truly possible for you and your business—a step that can completely alter your trajectory.
  • And much more…

In this intensive, we will follow the essential steps in my best-selling book The Making of a Well-Designed Business to map out a high-level view so that you can plan your success, measure your work and results, and achieve the goals you have for yourself and your business.

The ROI is priceless. It is years of trial and error avoided. It is costly mistakes avoided. It is stepping into clarity sooner so that you can create profits sooner.

What’s Included?

  • experts

    LIVE, FOUR-HOUR INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: Expert instruction with specific actions in a no-fluff, highly-structured format. Please note that this class will NOT be recorded. Register now and join LuAnn on January 10th for a live, interactive session.

  • workbook

    THE WORKBOOK: A downloadable workbook with the key lessons and highly efficient homework from the session—specifically created to help turn your learning into ACTION.

The Making of A Well-Designed Business: The Workshop


Returning in 2025

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  • When do we meet?

    We meet on Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 at 11:30am ET.

  • Where do we meet? How long is the meeting?

    We meet via livestream. Expect an email with instructions a few days before the intensive.

    The meeting is four hours of live coaching with a 30-minute break and a combination of dynamic teaching (expect tons of real-world examples!) and live Q&A.

  • This sounds amazing, but what if I'm not satisfied?

    No worries. If you're not delighted, then LuAnn would definitely like to hear from you! Reach out within ten days of the intensive.

Is this intensive for you?

We’re not a fit if…

  • You are a “yeah but” person. It’s different for where I am, for what I do…any other excuse.
  • You have a defined mission, vision, values, documented SOPs, and specific processes for tracking your marketing, your expenses, and your profitability.
  • You wake up every day and your business makes sense. You have clarity on your goals and a pretty good idea of how to get to them.

We’re a great fit if…

  • You read my book, The Making of A Well-Designed Business, and didn’t quite get it—or you got it and thought, “Okay, but how?”
  • You want to be an intentional leader and CEO of a business that you are proud of and is profitable.
  • You started your business and, despite achieving a level of success, you know you have not addressed these things and it is finally time.
  • You have ideas about being a good leader and CEO and would like validation and confirmation you are on the right track.
What Level is Your Design Business?