What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hi Vessie,
I am SOO excited for your son – and you, as his mama! We are a family of swimmers here (my husband and kids, NOT me :-)), so we are constantly at competitions, some high level, so I know EXACTLY how you feel. So proud, so wanting to be there, yet so bummed that you’re missing some important work things. That’s ok. Work will always be here, while your son may decide to stop playing one day and you’ll really miss it.

Ok, about QBO. I have heard NO complaints about QBO “giving trouble”. What does it even mean exactly? I know that QBO differs from desktop version, it has different functionality, and that there is a learning curve to master it. Yes, learning QBO, even if you have knowledge of desktop QB, is not for the faint of heart. Is it possible that this CPA doesn’t want to learn the online version b/c he is used to the desktop version?

Having said that, it sounds like LogMeIn gives you the ability to work from anywhere and him the ability to check on your QB without being there physically. If that’s the case, than you’re good to go. B/c that’s the name of the game: work from anywhere, any time, accessible by anyone.

If I were you, I would get a second opinion: what is the benefit of getting QBO vs. desktop QB through LogMeIn?

Please lmk what you find out – i would be very curious to know…


What Level is Your Design Business?