What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hi Nikki,
What a great note!
I command you for getting your finances in order. And recognizing that you need help there and making the hard decision to invest in it!! It takes real courage to be that self-aware and then to spend some real money to make that part of you better. I hope you use both of the financial services to not just get information, but to really learn HOW to read the reports and HOW to make those decisions. You are a very smart cookie :-), pretty soon, you’ll be able to fly on your own. Another thought is to take the QuickBooks class through LuU. Think about setting a goal to become financially-minded and proficient by _____date – you’ll get a lot further and use your time with these consultants more productively if you have an end-game in mind.

People. OH MY! I can’t believe all the troubles you’ve gone through. Looks like you are operating without most of your staff! That’s a really big deal, huge burden, and incredible cause of stress. I am also very acutely aware that even though I have the right people on the bus, as soon as one of them gets sick or wins a lottery, it is ME who is back in the trenches. Having the right people is KEY to getting your life back. Getting the right people is your first priority right now. Do consider Jessica and Eileen to help you get the exceptional people you deserve!

The learning curve in our industry is indeed so long and steep – it’s like a marathon mountain climb! I do have to tell you that, one step at a time, it WILL get easier. There are no magic pills. You have to put in the work. Your advantage after taking this class is that you don’t have to think anything up, wonder if you’re doing the right thing, or reinvent the wheel. Just follow the blueprint that I outlined and you’ll see that it will get more manageable.

My heart goes out to you! Hang in there!

What Level is Your Design Business?