What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hi Vita,
I have had an unbeliavably stressful 2 weeks with so many installations, was going home just to sleep. On top of , on a personal level, my son is a Nationally Ranked Tennis Player and last week he reached the Finals at a big Tournament , I had to drive him and watch him right when the last class was, so I missed it . I as well, will be rewatching all classes the moment this madness is over.. No questions I have learned tremendous amount of every aspect from you!

I have one big concern, but haven`t spent much time reserching yet or getting more feedback on it.. here it is. I also, just like Nikki, have hired an accounting firm taking care of my monthly financials, reconcilations, reports, etc. I spoke with the Cheif Accountant a few days ago and he warned me about QB Online. He is absolutely aginst me switching , they in fact have switched so many businesses from online to desktop because it has given them so much trouble. He said it is good for a small business with simple transactions. What if your experience? Obviously you like it. We have QB desktop but through LogMeIn we can log from anywhere. I am so hoping you dismiss my worries because it looks like Cloud based is the only way for all this to work.
Thank you , I love of all the info I am getting in this class. Absolutely priceless.

What Level is Your Design Business?