What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: Questions about communicating with the builder.


Hi Stacey,

Great questions!
It would be VERY alarming to me and my clients if the builder was not responding to me or to them. Do you have budgets so that you can continue making selections with the homeowners? If not, ask the homeowners for their budgets. I would have a talk with them about how worried you are that he is not responding. Do you need to tell them that your schedule is such that you need to be making decisions now, then you should. He’s hijacking everyone’s time at this point. He 100% should have responded to you by now. I would continue to reach out weekly to him with a call and email and make sure it’s documented so you have record of it. I’m hoping he doesn’t have a retainer from your client and they can look elsewhere, I would have major red flags if I were them. This is how your entire project will go I’m afraid.
Do you know who the architect is? I would send your edits to them and have them update the drawings. It’s early enough that they should be able to do it.
If your client is okay with the changes taking space from another room, then I say go for it. Just make sure they know.
Hope that helps!

What Level is Your Design Business?