What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hi Lisa,

Hope I explain this right becuase I’m very new to AirTable. I have each part of the project as a record within the project. For exacmple each line in the the fabric tab (or table) is connected to the project tab (or table). So going accross the top I have Designer – Project – Hard Treatments – Fabric/Trim – Shade Headrails – Upholtery Items. I like the way this works when I look at the veiws on my phone.

For example the fabric/trim tab (or table) then has columns across for Project Name (linked to project tab) – who is ordering – fabric info – prodcut link – status – order date – est. ship date – rc’vd – checked in – notes. Each column does differnt things. Most columns are a date or check box so I can easily see if something in a column is emplty and needs to be addressed.

So far it is working for me.
Hope this helps!

What Level is Your Design Business?