What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hi Alejandra,
I have lived and built my business in 3 different states: NJ ( where I started) then MA and now CA. In all three states the majority of window treatments businesses did not charge for consults. However, in all 3 states, sometimes I charged and sometimes I didn’t and usually when I didn’t it was because I was succumbing to the pressure of the other businesses not charging. Now in CA, I generally charge an initial fee of $300 whether it is a designer or a retail client. I am about 50/50 this year of designer vs retail. Sometimes I credit that back to the client depending on the size of the job. I wish I could say I am consistent all the time but I started coaching with Amber de la Garza and since then most of the time I charge the $300 fee.

There are designers that I work with that only bring me out to a job when it is a definite job so I don’t feel like I am wasting my time, but I still charge them a measure fee. I have to say, when I mention a fee, it definitely weeds out the tire kickers to begin with but it also opens the door to the larger discussion of budget. If $300 if a stretch for them, then they likely can’t afford my services anyway.


What Level is Your Design Business?