What Level is Your Design Business?

Buy Wholesale for Profit


3 Hours of Accelerated, Industry-Specific Education

Traci Connell

This is a proven system and I’m the case study.

Buying wholesale—at deeper and deeper levels—was the game-changer for my business. And it will be for yours too. Learn to scale your business by creating a revenue model of selling furnishings that increases net profit. Make more money in the same amount of time.

If you’re buying retail through showrooms with a minimal discount or not selling furniture at all, this is for you. If you’re tired of trading time for money, it may be time to change your business model and think bigger.

At the end of my course, you will know how to achieve financial freedom, break out of a “tiny goals” mentality, and gain confidence in front of your clients. Interested? Sign up for LuAnn’s updates and early bird pricing!

The Magic is in the Actions You Take AFTER the Intensive

Within one day. Within one week. Within one month.
And Traci is going to break it down into doable, precise elements. You’ll leave with…

3 Actions for
The First Day

Quick wins. Essential steps. Some low-hanging fruit. The ‘do this now’ advice from a designer with a wildly successful business model.

3 Actions for
The First Week

What’s next to move the needle? What are the most strategic, efficient actions within one week of the intensive?

3 Actions for
The First Month

The big ones. These are the actions—big and small—that will make you look back on this intensive as a turning point.

LuAnn Nigara
Meet Traci Connell

Traci Connell is an award-winning, nationally published interior designer and business coach. Her luxury, namesake design firm is based in Dallas, Texas, and services clients across the U.S.

Building upon her years of design experience and business learnings, Traci coaches other highly-motivated designers looking to transform their firms into strong, profitable systems and workflows. Seeing a need in her industry, The Gloss: The Ultimate Glossary of Business Resources for Interior Designers, was established to provide mentorship and strategy for designers to elevate their firms and scale to millions.

It’s time to take things to the next level.

Expand your business model by adding the furnishings component in a serious way.  Following this intensive, you will:

  • See how much more net income you can make by selling furniture by buying at deeper discounts.
  • Learn which vendors to talk to and how to talk to them.
  • Have a system to create budgets and pricing and the ability to work with receiving warehouses.
  • Automatically land larger projects with bigger fees. That is exactly what Traci did out of necessity and scaled her business by 20 times in 8 years.
  • Gain personal fulfillment. Achieve your goal of getting to the next level in both income and status.

Join Traci as she cuts the industry fluff and reveals her proven formula to go from a design consulting firm buying at designer pricing to a trusted furniture reseller earning larger margins from product sales.

Get a deep understanding of her system and stop living from paycheck to paycheck.

What’s Included?

  • experts

    THREE-HOUR INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: Expert instruction in a no-fluff, highly-structured format. Specific actions—for your first day, week, and month—because the magic is in the implementation.

  • recording

    RECORDED SESSION: Can't make the intensive? A recording will be available the next day! Simply log in to your account at luannnigara.com to access it. We will send you instructions.

Buy Wholesale For Profit


Returning in 2025

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  • When do we meet?

    We meet on Friday, March 8th, 2024 at 11:30am ET.

  • I can't make the date! What should I do?

    No problem! A recording of the intensive will be available the next day.

  • Where do we meet? How long is the meeting?

    We meet via livestream. Expect an email with instructions a few days before the intensive.

    The meeting is three hours of live coaching with a 15-minute break and a combination of dynamic teaching (expect tons of real-world examples!) and live Q&A.

  • This sounds amazing, but what if I'm not satisfied?

    No worries. If you're not delighted, then LuAnn and your instructor would definitely like to hear from you! Reach out within ten days of the intensive.

Is this course for you?

We’re not a fit if…

  • You do not have a support team member to assist.
  • You are not confident in talking to vendors.
  • You do not have accounting software set up.

We’re a great fit if…

  • You are currently trading time for money.
  • You want to see your revenue increase 3x in 12 months.
  • You want to add another profitable offering to your current services.
  • You are willing to learn about your numbers/books.
What Level is Your Design Business?