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The Power Talk Friday Tour

7-Figure Mastermind

High Point Market | October 21st, 2022 | 9AM – 11 PM ET

Join us for a jam-packed, game-changing day—specifically designed for owners of firms at the 7-figure level.

If you own a firm with gross revenues between 2 and 5 million per year and or between 5 and 10 million per year, this invite is for you. I know, from personal experience, amazing things can happen when you get into a room with business owners like yourself—especially in smaller group sessions structured specifically to share the information you need to know. 

Together with Eileen Hahn, my husband Vin, and me, this will be a powerful room full of colleagues and mentors who know exactly what kind of problems you face, and together we will talk about what it takes to keep leveling up.

The event will take place Friday, October 21, 2022. Tickets are $1795 and include, in addition to all of the business-building activities, breakfast, lunch, and the celebration dinner!

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