What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: PMS, anyone?


Hi Lisa.

For your answer:

TAB vs. View

Think of each TAB as a new table with new columns. I have two tabs:

1. Project (the main list). What is the project, client, install date, etc)

2. Items, I have many items per project and the items have different details than the project. Is it being outsourced? What is the status of the raw materials for the items? What date do I want to make it?

Vita has the client tab, which stores contact information that has different columns.

Make sense?

What can help is to draw a box of your “things”. In the box write down the information you want to track for each thing. Draw connections with arrows. I can upload a picture example later if that helps.

A VIEW is using the information in the tab different ways. Groups, Kanban board, hiding columns, etc. Vita is using views to group rows so it’s easier to see all common tasks across all projects.

What Level is Your Design Business?