What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: PMS, anyone?


Hi Everyone!

I used excel for project tracking for a few years and it work great. But, a few months ago I was struggling with my simple excel speadsheet and decided to try AirTable. A few youtube videos (and 8 hours of my weekend), I created an AirTable structure that is working for me. It is very similar to Vita’s but mine has multiple tabs for tracking the ordering/receiving of product. My additional tabs are fabric, hardware, hard treatments, shade headrails and upholstery.

In the fabric tab I track who is ordering the fabric (me or the designer) plus I put a link to the fabric. When the fabric comes in I can quickly see if it is the correct fabric, tag it by project and check it in. This was a huge time saver for me!!! Vita, I’d love to know how you track fabrics coming in….

At the moment I’m using the free version and it is working fine. But I’d really like to connect my google calendar so an upgrade is probably in my future.


What Level is Your Design Business?