What Level is Your Design Business?

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Hey all, its Mallory from Jerusalem. I had some technical difficulties so I am just checking the conversation board out now
I am originally from the States (Utah, Seattle and NY). I have lived in Jerusalem for the last 30 years and found my home here. I had a ceramic studio for 20 some years teaching and making and about 7 years ago started working in Interior Design. Last year I quit teaching ceramics and art and am full-time in my interior design business and it is going great!

I do mostly residential and offices. I have done a synagogue and have 2 upcoming consultations for ceramic studios! I am passionate about design, living and space. I am really excited to work on the business end of my business to make it more streamlined. I am not so social media active but I do have a Facebook page. You can see my site: http://www.mallorylivingdesign.com

What Level is Your Design Business?