What Level is Your Design Business?

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Vita and everyone else.

I use OneDrive for my document management system. I keep a OneDrive folder per client. I forgot about this but it’s useful: In OneDrive on your iPad or iPhone you can edit PDFs.

So, my process is now changing. I create the client folder in OneDrive before I go to the client and add the PDF of my measure form. From that, I’ll I edit the measure form with my stylus on site. Save. Voila no paper.

I normally take pictures and save them to OneDrive through my iPhotos later. Since I’ll be working in OneDrive on site, I’ll just take photos directly within the OneDrive app.

Great video for explanation here. https://youtu.be/Xa-lx5bLF5o

This is ahead of what we’ve discussed in class so far, but since this chain came up I thought it was useful!

What Level is Your Design Business?